10 Top and Best 10 Search Engines of 2014

#1 Google

Google is Multinational american corporation based internet search engines linked by 3616854 networks and they provides the search engines services along with cloud computing also.They are currently at #1 ranked website as well as investors all over the world networks than any other search engines listed below.This is founded by Menio park at California by Larry Page,Sergey Brin in 1998,Now its cross all over the worlds boundaries networks

#2 Bing

Bing is a private property based network developed by Microsoft founded by steve Ballmer in May 2009,However,it stands as a best Liking network around the world around networks up-to 1995260 and its probably a commercial based network as search engine and the site indexing are mostly done via indexing and web-crawling over this site ,This provides the search tagging from the local regions as well as wide range search as the user specify over the search on the Bing.

#3 Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! search is the best search engine unveiled and owned by yahoo in 1985 and supports up to 40+ Multi languages and this search links the networks of 1983200 and these search facility was flourished and  brought by Inktomi in 2002 and it report the best keyword search results across the world and virus free network.

#4 Wikipedia

Wikipedia organisation is a best page ranked search engine for all commercial searches and it crosses it link in network ranging about 1955666 and it probably a sign up search engine as well as free search,it can monetize our search to get maximized by linking over other above links networks.It is basically an american network meant as best encyclopedia ( all in one networks).

#5 Altavista

Altavista is Yahoo Owned network search engine linking over more than 40000 networks and a most popular search engine service as yahoo do.However ,this domain now reflects the service control of Yahoo and this is created by researched to provide service to make finding files on the public network easier.It is founded as a private company in 1995 by Paul flaherty,Louis Monier ,Jeffrey and Michael Burrows.

#6 Aol Search

Aol Search is an American based Network links over by about 131865 networks all over the world boundaries and search network has been founded by Vienna and Virginia during 1983's and Search engine established and Flourished at 2006's and it services online all over the world and acting as best search along with Google and Yahoo networks.

#7 Live Search

This networks Which is best ever than Altavista,and moreover it Links over 91080 Networks links and is reputation in 2014 dropped its ranking in search lists and meant to came as No.6 positions.This is designed by Microsoft in 2006 and it find the relative post from Bing and Incremental searching.

#8 Go.com

Go.com is an American network crosses over 5000 networks and Operated basically by Walt Disney Group Private Limited and it is launched by Jeff Gold.This mainly podcast Live news and its search engine is a commercial based one and it is launched by 1998  and it doesn't provide much transitive language for the users.But it enhances the stability the getting spam free results from the networks and it is virus free.

#9 Gigablast

Gigablast is an Indian Network and which is exactly  an independent search engine links over 3500+ networks and a spam free result search engine and registration to this site is an optional and it was founded by Matt wells in 2000 and its been blastig the virus free network by linking over at spam free sites only.

#10 Alltheweb

All the web is an American website links over 8000+ sites,But it is not much powerful  in getting result as like given by gigablast does.This search is established at 1991 and crosses it search level by best in 2011's and moreover pro searched result will be nicely unveiled by this search bar and it remarks the property of site linking on any site to get more featured result as fast as it can.

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