Best 10 Camcorders of 2014 ( Best 10 camera's review of 2014)

Camcorders have advanced a lot and the contemporary camcorders are not only very aspect rich and easy to draw on,but also appropriate lightweight at the same time,consequently allowing the user to easily convey them with him.The supreme camcorder is not only efficient and has a plethora of attributes and functions. Hence,It also basically comes with a good and within your means price tag as well.

#10 Canon Vixia HF R400

This is a high focused camcorder synthesized by canon and comes with authentic HD video lens besides a 53x advanced zooming facility.The CMOS Image sensor articulated with 3.2 Megapixel full eminent definition camera that tolerate you to capture image at a substantial resolution.

#9 DXG HD Mini 

This is a baby high definition camcorder accessible in silver color produced by DXG. However, It usually  comes with an en suite in digital voice recording occasion ,a 2.4 inch LCD assess that offers you to manipulate over the camcorders beyond a HDM,Hence,The maximum video resolution is in the range of 720p in high definition layout.

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#8 Panasonic V100K

This is made by a good standing Panasonic company and its imposing battery life and it drives with a 2.7 LCD formulated display as well as a crammed high Definition video shooting approach that will certainly allow you to capture pics at a resolution ranging 1920*1080p

#7 Samsung F90

This typically comes with High definition formulated video recording facilities plus a 2.7 inch LCD screen,the camera brings and allows you to capture 5 MP immobile images,it has one touch sharing controller that allow you to promptly upload the videos to innumerable social networks.In fact it has a 52x optical zooming facility and you can record your pics at a rate of 1280*720p.

#6 Sony HDRPJ540 

This is something an alternative camcorder that arrives with a bigger 3 crawl LCD display screen and it is made by Sony.Meanwhile,this camcorders are basically little bit expensive and arrives with a 9.2 Megapixels Exmor CMOS sensing facility,it has a sensible Optical Steady shot trait designed for twin image stabilization and video recordings at any mode of 1920* 1080 .

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#5 Vivitar DVR508

This usually comes with a 1.8 crawl digital LCD Display screen plus a 4x digital zoom..Thereby Video recording device has the elementary feature,Subsequently they do not spend ample money on it.In accumulating to this,the basic camcorder has an integrated speaker and microphone.

#4 Panasonic V100M

This is typically another intelligent zoom facilitated  HD camcorder by Panasonic and it usually comes with a 16GB integrated memory and a 42x zoom.However,This dispenses a full HD image eminence and powerful OIS system built in and with 32.5 mm broad lens as well.


This is specially designed 1080p HD alphanumeric video camera massively produced by JVC and it arrives with a 3 crawl LCD screen.It has a time falter REC feature usually embedded in it that helps you to record any sort of images in a totally altered time.It is typically endorsed to record the video at a tenacity of 1920 * 1080.

#2 Canon Vixia HF R40

This is typically manufactured by canon organisation.It basically comes with a ultra definition video shooting format of 53x zooming attribute as well as an image alleviated optical zoom.However,its camcorder has an 8GB core drive and  arrives with indisputable canon HD video lens plus a super fluctuated optical image stabilization coaster with CMOS image sensing facility.

#1 Sony HDR PJ230

Predominantly,This is a kind of HD versatile cam camcorder by Sony producers that typically comes with a 2.7 inch LCD crawling screen and with a 1920*1080 full HD video streaming and recording feature and with 8.9 MP integrated CMOS sensor plus it comes with a crawl LCD display with 230k ensign and allows you to record most of the valuable 3 hours continuously.

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