Best 10 Gifts To Your Valentine (2014)

#10 Trips:

Sounds like reality close to the truth of broken value. Have you ever wish o make a trip with your valentine??
But,it make more sense in giving priceless gift to valentine.In spite of feeling jealous in making the wish of trip.It won't make the relation stronger. So what Next choice??

#9 Roses

The traditional touch of feeling valentine with roses will now acts like bullets.As like petals dropping from rose flower,the relation make strong as like the dropping of petals.So does this be better or go for the another one??

#8 Chocolates

Its getting sweet memories of old school days.Cherishing the dreams in memories will be kind of licking candy will only meant to make your valentine taste chocolates as a dream,but understanding will not be much sweet as like candy.

So what next??

#7 Jewels

Jewels is like brain tumor attack. Gift resembles in Jewel form will turn to trouble your partner in the form moneys.Basically,optimization between lovers life comes to make a drop even with a stunts about jewel gifts.Value of a jewel will concern about prices in reality either value can't measure even by a valentine.So is this your choice??

#6 Fights

Making stunts on valentine day gives hard attitude,promisingly its a better gifts for your valentine ,But the relation doesn't trusts on the way back in the memories.

# 5 Clothing's

Clothing's are common gift,but its value can be added to life memories,because the comparison in the value of clothing's sounds when he/she gets more valuable gift rather than from someone else.So it will be somewhat like kidding dreams in memories.

#4 Smart Gadgets

Its very much prettier gift for your lovers,Seems like it have some hiding trouble.Basically relation will stands to the one side as like talk time drops.Comparisons also gets enhances the relation ,so memories will be unfair.

#3 Hugs

Rather Giving above 7 memories hugs also plays a vital role.A tight hug can tolerate the mind of a person,But can 't measure the mind of your valentine about you.

#2 Kisses

Sweet kisses are like candies.Even Chocolates,Jewels,Gadgets,Clothing's cant reinstate the memories of a single hugged  kisses..

                                       But Which is better???????
#1 Nothing

Sounds Funny,.............???
Have you ever given Nothing on Valentine partner.
You might have memorizing many questionnaires when someone do this action.
Because the True Lover or Best Valentine Doesn't Require Any Gift Instead of You..

Its Now your turn to get me a feed back about your valentine dreams and what reality in your love as comments over below.You can do comments anonymously Today only. 
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