Making a Boring Night Romantic

It’s Saturday night. You are sitting at home with your boyfriend and debating about what you should get for dinner. The weather is horrible, and you do not feel like going down to get groceries and then cook dinner yourself. It’s a typical takeaway night. But at the same time, you are kind of tired of the same greasy pizza from down on the corner, but every time you finally decide to try something new, it’s not really worth it. You try searching for new places to order from, but all the ones showing up on google are sponsored, which don’t feel the most unreliable.

You are debating whether or not to order from the same greasy pizza place, and that’s when your boyfriend mentions a new app. It’s called Friendspire. Your boyfriend saw it on an Instagram ad, thought it sounded cool and decided to download it. He just hasn’t had enough time to check it out yet. You decide to check it out together, and when you log on, you see that a few of your friends are on the app as well! 


You decide to follow them and start checking out their reviews. You go through the categories, movies, and rated The Kissing Booth 2, which you just saw this weekend. Forrest Gump? A classic, rate it a 10. TV shows, podcasts, books, To Kill A Mockingbird, you totally forgot about the book you read in school, but still rate it an 8, it was actually alright. Bars, restaurants. Restaurants, that was what you came for, at this point you totally forgot about your confusion about what to get for dinner. You go through the map and look at places nearby. The greasy pizza place pops up. A guy has rated it a 5, which you are not very surprised about. It’s not that good anyway. You rate it a 6 since you feel like you have to give them something a little higher to justify the huge amount of their pizzas you have gotten throughout the years in the neighbourhood.

You keep looking and see a new sushi place close to your home. You have walked by it a few times, but it looks so expensive, that you have not thought about buying from it. You click on the restaurant and see that two people you know have rated it. A 9 and a 10. And wait. They have even written reviews which say that the place is amazing, has a fair price, and even offers a neighbour-discount. You know the reviews are reliable as you know those two people yourself. It honestly seems too good to be true and you are now craving sushi like crazy. 

You and your boyfriend decide that it’s Saturday, the weather is bad, and sushi it is! You click onto their website and order sushi delivery. $34, not that bad for sushi. It arrives and it is delicious. It’s crazy how good food can lighten up an otherwise boring night. After the amazing sushi, you and your boyfriend decide to watch a movie, because your boyfriend just got inspired by one, when looking through Friendspire earlier. Delicious sushi, quality time, and a good doomsday movie list. That boring night has now gone romantic.

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